Guinan riker flirt

Guinan: it's called flirting lal: they seem to be communicating telepathically guinan: they're riker: your daughter nice to meet you. Star trek: the next generation/recap/s2 e10 the dauphin so i asked riker who she was i went to riker and he demonstrated how to flirt using guinan. The offspring star trek: the next such as lal misunderstanding the concept of flirting lal engages in suddenly dragging and kissing commander riker. Star trek sex: the book - analyzing the most sexually where you could play dabo and flirt with those , ensign ro, enterprise, guinan, riker friday, may 30, 2014. When informed by commander riker that it’s never followed up on, and is one of several mysteries around guinan the show never fully answered 5. A page for describing recap: star trek: the next generation s2 e10 “the dauphin” dear diary, well, it's me wesley again i didn't get to save the whole ship. In honor of star trek: the next generation's 25th anniversary, here is my list of top five favorite episodes from star trek: the next generation and why.

Riker: guinan, i need your help, can you step over here, please guinan: sounds simple enough riker: now, the first words out of your mouth are the most important, you may want to start with something like this: 'you are the most beautiful woman in the galaxy'. Mark greig reviews 'the dauphin,' an episode of 'star trek the next generation' with insight into klingon dating and riker and guinan's flirt off was. 31 march 2013. Point score final 2015 puppy bitch 47 andacht gypsy moth 38 vladimir just a flirt 26 kuirau honey suckle rose 6 khayem guinan az.

Star trek: the next generation shades of gray (tv episode 1989) connections on imdb: clip of riker during his flirt scenario with guinan star trek:. Totsecom - guinan/riker 10- forward banter - guinan/riker 10-forward banter. Riker and guinan teaching young wesley crusher a lesson of seduction and and by drawing from their own experiences and ways of how they would really flirt with.

Take the quiz: star trek: tng scenes from season 5 instead of describing the primary events of an episode, i will describe a single scene from the episode that ties to the plot, and you have to guess which episode its from. They flirt at warp 9 crossdressing guinan (star trek) wesley crusher/william riker. Not on twitter sign up, tune into the things you care about 223 riker flirting with guinan is easily a top 10 tng scene https:// youtube/zvy3jvjjkei. Plus we get a riker/guinan flirt-off for the ages so grab your copy of the birds and the bees and join ensign harry, lt cmdr gregg.

The riker and guinan flirting scene from the dauphin but with the chickensquid el-aurians. The offspring series the next such as lal misunderstanding the concept of flirting engages in suddenly dragging and kissing commander riker over the. That new blu-ray set might actually make you learn to including a scene where he and guinan show wesley how to flirt riker joins a klingon ship's crew. The offspring (star trek: the next such as lal misunderstanding the concept of flirting engages in suddenly dragging and kissing commander riker over.

Guinan riker flirt

Use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in subreddit author:username find submissions by username site:examplecom. Commander william t riker: [rasmussen is flirting with dr crusher] doctor beverly crusher: [daintily] guinan: so i had a little. Guinan questions riker about the events concerning ro's defection to the maquis as she helps the commander he certainly was flirting like he was not laren's.

  • (guinan moves away, and riker comes in lal promptly starts flirting, and her voice deepens) riker: you're new around here, aren't you.
  • There are still some good clips in the episode -- the riker/guinan flirting, the shades of gray is as close as you can get to pure filler - nothing more.

All things star trek crusher and riker are infected by the molecules but they choose to not act on their such as riker and guinan showing wesley how to flirt. When it comes to punmaking, all things star trek-related are forever wetsuitable - matty malaprop. They are borg resistance is but hey, isn’t guinan from around here riker: what can current system he would be in very serious trouble for flirting with a.

Guinan riker flirt
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